Pool Rules
In accordance with its authority in Article II, Section 2.01(b), of the Articles of Incorporation of the Association, Article II, Section 6(d) of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, and Reservation of Easements dated November 29, 2017, recorded among the
Land Records in Book 10108, page 51 et seq. (the "Declaration"), and Article VII, Section 7.1 of the Bylaws of the Association, the Board of Directors (the "Board") of the Stonehaven Neighborhood Association, Inc. (the "Association") has established the rules and regulations
(the "Pool Rules") set forth herein pertaining to the use of the pool and pool area (the "Stonehaven Pool Facility"), which is part of the Common Area of the Association, and such rules and regulations shall be deemed "Rules" of the Association as such term is defined in the Declaration.
The use of the Stonehaven Pool Facility is provided as a benefit of membership, to residents in good standing in the Association. These Pool Rules are established by the Board to promote a safe and enjoyable environment at the Stonehaven Pool Facility for all Stonehaven
Neighborhood residents and their guests. The operation of the Stonehaven Pool Facility is under contract with a pool management company. The pool management company and the members of its staff, including, without limitation, lifeguards (collectively, Pool Management) have the right, power, and authority to enforce the Pool Rules.
  • The pool season shall commence on the Saturday before Memorial Day each year,
  • and end on Labor Day each year (each, a "Pool Season").
  • During the Pool Season, Monday through Thursday, 11 AM to 8 PM.
  • During the Pool Season, Friday and Saturday, 11 AM to 8:30 PM.
  • During the Pool Season, Sunday, 12 to 8 PM.
  • Pool hours are 3:30 PM to 8:00 PM on Monday thru Friday when school in Charles County, Maryland, is in session.
  • Hours are subject to change, without prior notice, due to weather conditions,
Association functions, and scheduled or unanticipated maintenance, or for any other appropriate or necessary reason, in the Board's or Pool Management's reasonable discretion. Pool Management will use its best efforts to post an announcement at the pool gate and/or office, when it is necessary to change the hours.
  • Each resident of Stonehaven Neighborhood over 12 months of age entering the Stonehaven Pool Facility must have a valid pool pass ("Resident Pass") (see Pool Rule 4(j)) (This includes non-swimming adults.)
  • Stonehaven Neighborhood residents in good standing (as such term is defined in the Declaration and/or the Maryland Homeowners Association Act) will be issued a permanent Resident Pass for the applicable Pool Season as follows:
    • for each resident over 12 months of age and under 5 years of age, a Resident Pass will be issued with no photo; and ii. for each resident 5 years of age and older, a Resident Pass with a photo of the applicable resident, will be issued.
    • Proof of residency, such as by way of a valid driver's license, voter's registration, utility bill, etc., may be required at the time the Resident Pass is issued.\
    • Resident Passes may be coded by age: Adults (18 and over), children 16-17, children 11-15, and children under 10.
    • A Resident Pass is not transferable.
    • Use of a Resident Pass by anyone other than the authorized user will result in loss or suspension of pool use and privileges for the unauthorized user of the Resident Pass, and possible loss or suspension of pool use and privileges for the authorized user of the Resident Pass.
    • There is a $25.00 charge to replace a Resident Pass.
  • Children under 16: A Stonehaven resident age 15 and under, except in certain circumstances, must be accompanied by a person age 16 years or older. Children between the ages of 11 and 15 who have passed the Swim Test (defined below)
    • and have a parent’s permission card on file may enter the Stonehaven Pool  Facilities alone. (See rule 4(d) for guest policy.)
  • Children aged 16 and 17: A Stonehaven resident who is 16-17 years of age may use the Stonehaven Pool Facilities unaccompanied. (See rule 4(d) for guest policy).
  • Persons 18 and older: A Stonehaven resident who is 18 years or older has unlimited use of the Pool Facilities subject to these Pool Rules. (See rules 4(e) and 11(a) for guest policy.)
  • Swim Test: The basic swimming test is defined as “swim one length of the pool using freestyle stroke” (looking for smooth, relaxed stroke, calmness, adequate endurance and controlled direction) AND “tread water for 1 minute” (looking for ability to keep head above water consistently, calmness and the ability to remain in one place) (hereinafter "Swim Test").
  • Age Calculation: Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, for any provision of these Pool Rules that references an age or age range, the age in such provision shall be calculated as of June 1 st of the applicable Pool Season.
  • Two (2) permanent guest passes Season Guest Passes will be distributed to the Owners of each Lot in good standing, and such Guest Passes may be used throughout the applicable Pool Season.
  • A daily guest pass is $3.00 per guest, per day; a weekly guest pass is $20.00 per guest, per week; a monthly pass is $50.00 per guest, per month. Guest Passes may be purchased at the Stonehaven Pool Facilities when the Stonehaven Pool Facilities are open. A Stonehaven resident under the age of 11 may not bring a guest. (See rule 6(a) for non-resident babysitters.)
  • A Stonehaven resident age 12-17 may bring one guest, and the guest must be age 11 or older. All guests under the age of 18 must pass the Swim Test and complete a permission card, using either a parent or an adult member of the resident’s household.
  • A Stonehaven resident age 18 or older may bring no more than six (6) guests per day. A guest is defined as any non-resident entering the pool with a resident excluding infants (0-12 months).
  • Regardless of the type of Guest Pass being used (and regardless of if a Season Guest Pass is being used), each guest age 16 or older is required to produce a picture ID prior to entering the Stonehaven Pool facilities and to provide information as required by Pool Management.
  • No refund for the cost of a Guest Pass will be given due to closure of the Stonehaven Pool facility because of inclement weather.
  • Admission of any guest or guest privileges may be withdrawn when the Pool Facilities are overcrowded.
  • A Guest Pass or Season Guest Pass may not be used by a Stonehaven resident to gain admission to the Stonehaven Pool Facilities.
  • A Stonehaven resident must remain with their guest(s) at the Stonehaven Pool Facilities at all times.
  • Anyone who attempts to use a reproduced or duplicated Guest Pass or Season Guest Pass may have pool privileges revoked for the season.
  • Pool Management has the right, power, and authority to enforce these Pool Rules.
  • Pool Management has the right to eject any person violating these Pool Rules and from the Stonehaven Pool Facilities and surrounding Stonehaven Neighborhood Association property.
  • Pool Management has the right to revoke or suspend pool privileges for violation of these Pool Rules or any other disruptive or dangerous behavior.
  • Pool Management will report to the Board and the property management company hired by the Board in writing, any Pool Rule violations or incidents which have resulted in a person’s ejection from the Stonehaven Pool Facilities, or suspension or loss of pool privileges within twenty-four (24) hours of such violation / incident.
  • Pool Management has the right, power, and authority, to demand that anyone using a Resident Pass, Season Guest Pass, or Guest Pass, take and pass a Swim Test. Refusal to take the Swim Test upon demand or failure to pass the Swim Test voids the right to use the Stonehaven Pool Facilities. The swimmer has the rightto a periodic re-test.
  • Any complaints by residents or non-residents must be addressed to the Association in writing.
  • Incident/Complaint forms for residents and non-residents are available at the pool office or by calling the Stonehaven's Association Managing Agent, as of the date these Pool Rules, the Association Managing Agent is Clements Bay Management, (301) 392-9456.
  • A babysitter must be age 16 or older and may be a resident or non-resident of Stonehaven. They may supervise no more than three children under 11 years of age, regardless of whether the children are residents or guests.
  • A non-resident babysitter must use either a Season Guest Pass or Guest Pass, and will only be allowed to use the Stonehaven Pool Facilities when they bring and supervise a Stonehaven resident child in their care.
    • A 15-minute rest period will be observed each hour, on the hour, beginning at 12:00 p.m., each day, with the last rest period commencing at 7:00 PM. During these breaks, only those who are 18 years of age and older will be allowed in the pool. One infant or child (age 3 and under) may accompany a person age 18 or older into the pool during the rest period. This infant or child should be under that person’s close supervision, at all times.
    • i. Use of obscene and/or profane language will result in automatic ejection from the Stonehaven Pool Facilities and the surrounding Stonehaven Neighborhood Center property.
    • No running is permitted at the Stonehaven Pool Facility.
    • No loitering is permitted around the Stonehaven Pool Facility or adjacent playground or parking lot.
    • No horseplay or ball playing is permitted at the Stonehaven Pool Facility.
    • No littering is permitted. Each person is required to pick up and dispose of their trash and refuse.
    • Gum chewing is not allowed in the pool or on the deck around the pool.
    • Smoking is not permitted.
    • Swimsuits shall be worn in the pool. Cut-offs, basketball shorts, gym shorts, tank tops, underwear or anything else that is not considered proper “swim attire” by the pool staff is not permitted.
    • Only goggles are permitted in the pool. Face masks covering nose and the snorkels are not permitted.
    • T-shirts (plain white) may be worn in the pool with a doctor’s statement.
      • Ultraviolet-screening shirts / rash guards are permitted.
    • iv. No barrettes, ribbons, pin curlers, etc. are permitted in the pool.
    • Only rubber sole shoes or bare feet will be permitted on the pool deck.
    • No alcoholic beverages will be permitted in the Stonehaven Pool Facilities during operating hours. Pool staff may request that coolers/containers be opened for inspection at the gate in order to enforce this regulation.
    • No food or beverages of any kind will be permitted on the pool deck area around the pool except water. Food, snacks, treats, etc. may be eaten in any area designated for eating or in the grassy enclosure.
    •  No breakable containers will be permitted on the pool deck.
    • The Association, Board, and Pool Management shall not be responsible for any lost or stolen articles. Children who ride their bikes to the Stonehaven Pool Facilities should bring a lock to secure their bike while using the Stonehaven Pool Facilities.
    • Non-swimmers are restricted to the shallow end of the pool where water is not above their head, unless accompanied by a parent.
    • A child 12 years of age and under may use a US COAST GUARD personal flotation device in the main pool area under the  direct supervision of a parent. The child must remain within arm’s length of the parent at all times while using the PFD in the main pool.
    • Persons using a PFD over the age of 12 are restricted to water that is not over the swimmer’s head.
    • Only USCGA life jackets are permitted for use in the main pool. They must be utilized in water that is not over the swimmer’s head, and the user must be within on arm’s length of a directly supervising adult (18 years or older) at all times if they are 12 years of age or under. Toys are not allowed in the main pool. However, softballs may be used in the pool at the discretion of Pool Management.
    • Pool furniture shall not be permitted within 15 feet of the edge of the pool.
    • Residents or guests may bring their own pool furniture and/or umbrellas.  However, the Association, Board, and Pool Management shall not be responsible for any loss of or damage to that furniture.
    • Radios, I-Pods, cell phones and other electrical devices are prohibited within 15 feet of the pool. Music may be played from such devices so long as no complaints are received from other pool patrons, and provided that such music does not contain obscene and/or profane language.
    • Pool Management may permit music to be played over the public address system.
    • Only children ages 5 and under are permitted to use the wading pool.
    • A person who is 16 years of age or older must accompany and remain within the wading pool fence with each child using the wading pool.
    • No large floats are permitted in the wading pool.
    • No food or drink except water is permitted within the wading pool area.
    • DIVING: No diving is permitted.
    • Admission will be denied to anyone with open sores, skin abrasions, bandages, nasal or ear discharges or any kind of obvious, contagious medical conditions.
    • Infants and toddlers that are not potty-trained must wear swim diapers under their swimsuits at all times. Pool Management may refuse to admit families that do not comply with this rule.
    • Pets are not allowed in the Stonehaven Pool Facilities.
    • Soap showers are encouraged before entering the pool.
    • No spitting or spouting of water is permitted.